Middle School
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Middle School
4624 Kidder Road   Kimberly VonHiltmayer, Principal
 Almont, MI 48003  email: kvonhiltmayer@almontschools.org
 PH: 810-798-3578  Student Population: 465
 FAX: 810-673-9349  Grade Configuration: 5th - 8th
 Times:  Full Day: 7:28-2:26  Half Day: 7:28 -10:28

Dear Incoming 5th Grader,

It won't be long before you are headed over to the Middle School, and we look forward to meeting you all at the end of the summer.  In order to help you prepare for 5th grade and take advantage of those Back-To-School savings, we are providing you with a general list of recommended supplies.  Please be aware that you may need to purchase a few added supplies after you meet with your individual teachers. Have a great summer, and we'll see you in September!

5th Grade Teachers
Supply List

2018-2019 information was emailed to parents on August 14th.  Please reference this letter for beginning of year and first day of school instructions.
Thank you.


How can I get a forgotten item to my child?

If your student has an item in the office to be picked up, a lunch, an instrument, etc.  you or the office can send an email to his or her Chromebook.  Please be sure to instruct your student to check his/her Chromebook for messages from the office.

How can I get homework for my absent child? 
You can request homework for your child by simply emailing his/her teacher/teachers prior to 8:30 am.  Email addresses consist of the first initial and last name of the teacher@ almontschools.org. 

Of course if you do not have access to email you may still call the office to request homework.   Homework can be picked up in the office before 3:30 pm.

Almont Community Schools Compliance Officers

High School Principal
4701 Howland Rd
Almont, MI 48003

Dr. William Kalmar, Superintendent
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Almont, MI 48003


Mission Statement 
We are committed to prepare and empower every student to be successful in our changing world. 

Every student will own their future through academic and personal success.


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