Orchard Primary

OP Pandemic EBT

OP Pandemic EBT

Orchard Primary

 Kindergarten Round Up

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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”


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4664 Kidder Rd, Almont, MI 48003

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General Info

Information Value
Student Population 500
Grade Configuration Begindergarten – 4th
Trimester Dates Aug. 23rd – Nov. 23rd
Nov. 29th – Mar. 11th
Mar. 14th – Jun. 9th
School Hours, Full Day 8:28am – 3:37pm
School Hours, Half Day 8:28am – 11:40am
Summer Office Hours 8:00am – 3:00pm
Mon. – Thurs.
Thru Aug. 19th

Learning is a Lifelong Process

  • All people need and deserve to be treated with care, dignity, and respect.
  • Our school will provide a safe, caring, and orderly environment.
  • Each child is a unique individual and learns in different ways to succeed.
  • Authentic self-esteem accelerates learning and achievement.
  • The quality of our learning community is dependent on the time, effort, and cost invested.
  • Each child shares responsibility for his/her own learning and actions.
  • Every person has teh opportunity to learn with an active partnership between the school, the student, the home, and the community.

Compliance Officers

Elizabeth Gallagher

High School Principal


(810) 798-8595

4701 Howland Rd, Almont, MI 48003

Dr. William Kalmar

District Superintendent


(810) 798-8561

4701 Howland Rd, Almont, MI 48003

Mission Statement

We are committed to prepare and empower every student to be successful in our changing world.


Every student will own their future through academic and personal success.