Because of Covid 19 and school closures, juniors were not able to take their April 14th, 2020 SAT test at Almont High School. In addition, students were not able to take the SAT at SAT Test Centers on test dates after that.

Taking the SAT at Almont High School on October 14th

For the fall of 2020, provided students are attending classes at their local high school, schools across Michigan will be giving the SAT. Almont High School is giving the SAT with Essay on Wednesday, October 14th. This is a free SAT test which is being provided to all 2020-21 seniors by the Michigan Department of Education. The test will be given to Almont seniors at Almont High School as part of their school day. As we start school, more information about this test day and registration will be provided to students.

Taking the SAT at an SAT Test Center

Currently there is an August 29th date and other dates in the future for taking the SAT if you want to take it on your own. The deadline for registration for August is July 31st. Please select the blue link below for more information on registering for the SAT on your own to take it at an SAT test center. Also watch your emails for any SAT communications about SAT testing. If you want to test at a test center, register early, registrations will fill up quickly.

Testing at an SAT test center is not free and you will have to pay a fee. For those of you who are on free or reduced lunch, you can register with a fee waiver. SAT School Day fee waiver benefits include unlimited free score sends, waived registration fees for retaking the SAT on a weekend administration, and waived college application fees.  For free or reduced lunch students to get a fee waiver, you will need a fee waiver code from myself or the counseling office. Please email me or call the counseling office if you need a fee waiver code and a fee waiver code will be emailed back to you for your registration.

SAT PowerPoint

For more information about SAT testing, please see this Almont SAT Powerpoint for more information on planned fall SAT testing at Almont. This includes important SAT practice information with Khan Academy. Students should take advantage of Khan Academy practice this summer to keep up on your SAT subjects before testing and improve your scores. Khan Academy has shown proven success for students to increase their scores and is highly recommended for extra practice.

Please email Mrs. Deneweth if you have any questions about your SAT test or scores.


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SAT Retake

If you plan to take the SAT again, the following are links for future SAT test dates, fees for testing and test center locations. Almont High School is not a test center, so you must find another location to test. If you are a free or reduced lunch student you may get a fee waiver card from the counseling office to have your fees waived. You must logon to your College Board account to register to test again. Sign up early, test center locations that are close to us fill up fast. Please share this information with your parents.

SAT Test Dates

SAT Test Fees

SAT Test Centers