All dates are for the 2019/2020 school year.

Grade Test Primary Date(s) Makeup Date(s)
8th M-Step Science &
Social Studies
8th PSAT 8/9 April 14 April 20 – April 24
9th PSAT 8/9 April 15 April 29
10th PSAT 10 April 15 April 29
11th M-Step Science &
Social Studies
April 16
11th SAT April 14 April 28
11th WorkKeys April 15 April 29


Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability

How to Read 2019 Parent Reports for M-STEP, PSAT 8/9, and MME


M-Step Information


PSAT 8th Before Fall

PSAT 8th Before Spring

PSAT 9th & 10th Before Spring

PSAT Prepare for College

PSAT Test Taking Tips


SAT 11th Before Spring

SAT Test Taking Tips

SAT Retake

If you plan to take the SAT again, the following are links for future SAT test dates, fees for testing and test center locations. Almont High School is not a test center, so you must find another location to test. If you are a free or reduced lunch student you may get a fee waiver card from the counseling office to have your fees waived. You must logon to your College Board account to register to test again. Sign up early, test center locations that are close to us fill up fast. Please share this information with your parents.

SAT Test Dates

SAT Test Fees

SAT Test Centers