Transportation Department

Howland Rd.
Almont, MI 48003
PH: 810-798-8773
Fax: 810-798-2924
After Hours Number:
Bob Jones, Transportation Director
Office Hours Vary

The Transportation Department would like to remind students and parents that bus times can vary.  Things like traffic, weather and other students on the route not riding that day, can change your pickup time.  It is always best to be at your stop 5-10 minutes early.
We appreciate your patience.

Transportation Policy
It is the policy of the district that students only ride their own bus home and to school.  This is for the safety of the children.  Please do not make arrangements to have your child ride home or to school with another student.
Thank you.

Transportation forms for 2019-2020
Orchard Primary
Middle School
High School
Please fill out one form for each school that your children attend if they will be riding the bus to or from school.

Almont Schools provides extensive training of the driving staff. Each new driver receives a minimum of 30 hours of on-the-road training before being allowed to drive students. The State of Michigan also provides 18 hours of beginning bus driver class work for all new drivers to receive credentials.

Training covers many topics related to driving safety, child behavior management, and the health and well being of students. In addition, each driver is required to attend a state offered six (6) hour training program every two years in order to maintain their credentials.

ACS Transportation Department