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Aesop - Schedule a Substitute

403B Summary Information 

AEA Absence Form (rev 11/2019)
Authorization to Treat (injury foms)
Emergency Medical Update
Building Use
Conference Form
    Reimbursement Form (Mileage/Meals/Parking)
Fund Raising 
Purchasing Requistion
Teacher Timesheet - Hourly

Annual Policy Review
7540 and 8431

Employee Fraud Policy

Annual Training

Safe Schools Annual Compliance Training

Helpful Teacher Links

MOECS (Teacher Certification)

Power Teacher

Annual Professional Development Information
Here is the link to the MDE Professional Development Page:

MDE Page for Teacher Professional Development

Professional Development End of Year Forms
These forms are to be completed and turned in to your building Administrator by March 1, 2020.

High School Teachers
Middle School Teachers
Orchard Primary Teachers

Teachers in first 3 years (use this form and one of the building specific forms from above)


Mission Statement

We are committed to prepare and empower every student to be successful in our changing world. 

Every student will own their future through academic and personal success.

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