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December 17, 2014

Dear Almont Community Schools Families and Staff,

As you know, Almont Community Schools, like most schools in the state, receive the majority of our funding from the per pupil foundation allowance.  In June, the Board of Education adopted a budget with a projected enrollment of 1475 students.  The final enrollment numbers from our official count in October turned out to be 1452 students, which is 23 less students than what we budgeted for the school year. Interestingly, even though our overall count was down from the number projected in June, we had higher student numbers in three grades at Orchard Primary.  These large classroom sizes would not have afforded us the opportunity to provide the best educational environment for our younger students, therefore, the Board of Education made the decision to hire three teachers to reduce overall classroom sizes at the primary level. In addition to hiring these three teachers, the school district also settled a two year teacher’s agreement in August.  The teachers received a half step increase; they had previously taken pay cuts of 2% and 1% the prior two years, and have not received step increases for the past three years. In addition to the teacher contract, we reached agreements with our support staff and our secretarial staff that called for small increases after many years of concessions.   

Over multiple years the district has seen declining enrollment.  This declining enrollment has caused the district to adjust contracts, close a building, take pay freezes, work with less people, and spend fund equity, all to preserve the fantastic programs that we offer our students.  We understand that our best asset is the people that work in our schools.  These people provide the great education that is expected from our community.

After reviewing our revenues to expenditures this year, it was recommended to the Board of Education at the December 15th meeting that a reduction in staff needs to take place following our winter break.  The Board has decided to reduce our staff as follows; a specials teacher at Orchard Primary, a teacher at Almont Middle School and one administrative position. There is a plan in place for these duties to be picked up by others within the district. These moves are being put in place to help the district alleviate some of the district short fall.  Board Policy prohibits our fund equity to fall below 7% of revenue, and at the end of this year we will be dangerously approaching that threshold.  We must remain financially responsible to our staff and community, while trying to maintain the very best programs for all of our students.  We will continue to strive in meeting both!

Delivering this type of news to our families and employees is never easy for myself or our Board of Education. We value all of our employees and are thankful for the outstanding work they do each and every day with our students.  It is my job as Superintendent of Almont Community Schools to keep you informed, as parents and taxpayers, of the decisions that may impact you, your child, and the school district.  It is with your support, and the perseverance of our dedicated staff, that we will preserve both the education and fiscal responsibility that has made Almont Community Schools one of the premier schools in the Tri-County area!  I thank you for the privilege you give us in sending your child to our school!

Should you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.


Joseph Candela, Superintendent

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