Orchard Primary Newsletters 2020/21
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August Newsletter:
August 17th Update Newsletter: 
August 24th Update Newsletter:

Families who are new to Virtual Learning -
the following 5 Newsletters will get you started:

Virtual Student Family Newsletter 8/25/20: Virtual Student Update Letter

August 31st Family Newsletter:

Virtual Family Update 9/1/20:  Virtual Student Expectations

Virtual Family Update Re: Workbooks & 4th Gr Novels:  Click Here

Virtual Family Update 9-11-2020:  9-11-2020 Virtual Family Newsletter.pdf

OP Family Newsletter 9/14/2020:

Virtual Family Newsletter 9/18/2020:

Virtual Family Newsletter 9/24/2020:

OP Family Newsletter 10/5/2020:

OP Family Newsletter 10/20/2020:

Virtual Family Newsletter 10/20/2020: