Lapeer County Educational Attainment Fund

LEAF is a program brought to our students by the Lapeer County Community Foundation and ELGA Credit Union.


Education savings account used after high school graduation. Used for career training costs, trade school, certification, traditional 2/4 year college tuition, fees, books.


Every 4th grader attending Lapeer County public schools.


Beginning in 2019, in the fall, all kindergarteners in these districts will have a deposit-only savings account opened in their name and the program will continue for these students throughout their K–12 years. Each year thereafter, the program will continue for those who are enrolled in Kindergarten. The initial $25 seed money will be provided by the Lapeer County Community Foundation.


Children with savings accounts from $1–$499 are 3 times more likely to attend college and 4 times more likely to graduate. We believe in the future of every child in Lapeer County and this program demonstrates that commitment.