LEAF - The Lapeer County Children's Savings Program

The Lapeer County Education Attainment Fund (LEAF) is a new children’s savings program brought to you by the Lapeer County Community Foundation (LCCF), ELGA Credit Union and the Lapeer County Intermediate School District. LEAF provides kindergartners with a savings account seeded with $25, and is designed to help students start saving for college or career training expenses.

Please see the LEAF website for more information.


Behavioral Specialist

Please join us in welcoming Alexa Caporuscio as our Behavioral Specialist. An introduction letter and referral form can be found here.

SchoolMessenger Update

The technology department implemented some upgrades to PowerSchool and SchoolMessenger in the last few weeks. Unfortunately this upgrade has changed alert setting that parents previously had in place. Please log into SchoolMessenger to reset your settings. You may also download the app to your phone and change your settings there as well.

Triple E Virus

As you may have heard, state and local health officials are urging caution after several cases of a rare, mosquito-borne virus called Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) have been reported in eight Michigan counties, including Lapeer. Because of this, the Lapeer County Health Department is recommending the use of mosquito spray with DEET to prevent bites, especial for children and adults over 50.

There have not been any reported human cases of EEE in Lapeer County, only in a horse, but parents should still exercise caution with young people. This advice should be followed until the first hard fros of the fall.

At this time, the Lapeer County Health Department has not recommended cancellation of evening events or activities.

The Center for Disease Control has some excellent information on EEE and how to prevent it on their website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this or any other matters.


William Kalmar, PhD

Service Drive Policy Update

Dear Parents:

The start of the school year is always a time of great energy around the campus as our students, new and returning, arrive. You will notice that there are several improvements ongoing on our campus, including some long-needed repairs to our campus service drive, as well as the drive in front of Almont High School and on the south end of the campus by the tennis court. Repairs to our drive this summer topped $300,000, and the construction was funded through our sinking fund, which voters approved 5 years ago.

The school district alone is responsible for the condition and maintenance of the drive; it is not a public road. That means every repair we need to do to make these surfaces comes directly from our school budget. With such an investment, we have an obligation to do our very best to protect our infrastructure. To that end, we will be limiting the use of our service drive by the general public as a short cut when school is not in session.

If you have ever been on campus on the weekends, or the summer, the volume of non-school related traffic, including many large trucks, is startling. All of this traffic contributes to the deterioration of our road surface. To deter this, the service drive will now be closed to thru traffic on weekends, during school recesses, and durig our summer break. Signs will soon be installed on campus to remind drivers of these rules.

The campus will still be accessible for events during these closures. Orchard Primary School will be accessible from Kidder Road and Almont Middle and High Schools will be accessible from Howland Road. Also for major events, such as graduation, the rules will be suspended.

We also want to remind drivers that the speed limit on campus is 15 mph.

I want to thank all of you in advance assisting us with this change. A little bit of inconvenience for all of us will go a long way to ensuring that we protect our investment.


William Kalmar, PhD

Measles Information

The Genesee County Health Department released a flyer regarding the measels outbreak in Southeast Michigan. The flyer can be found here.

Threats Against Schools

Lapeer County Prosecuting Attorney Michael J. Sharkey issued a statement regarding threats against schools. The letter can be found below or here.

“Recent tragic events involving school shootings have heightened all of our awareness. When students learn of these events on television or on social media, it is natural for them to worry about their own schools and their own safety. Unfortunately, some students see these tragedies as an open opportunity to gain notoriety and make threats against their schools, teachers, and classmates. These same students then later claim their threats were simply ajoke and that they were only playing a prank.”

“In the last year, my office has received multiple reports from law enforcement agencies of students using social media and other means to make threats against our schools. I want to be very clear that: these threats are not jokes — they are crimes. The Lapeer County Prosecutor's office will hold individuals accountable who commit these crimes. Threats or fales reports of terrorism are separately defined as 20-year felonies. To be convicted, a person must simply threaten an act of terrorism and communicate that threat to another. Most importantly, MCL750.543m(2) provides that, ‘[i]t is not a defense that the [student] did not have the intent or capability of carrying out the threat of terrorism’.”

“Still too many of us want to think that this kind of crime could never happen in our hometown(s), but it is real and any threat to ‘shoot up’ our schools must be taken seriously. I urge you to talk to your children about making the appropriate use of social media and the real consequences of making threats against our children in our schools. Please stress that there is nothing humorous about threatening to ‘shoot up’ our schools and killing our children. By working together, we can provide our children with the safe schools they deserve.”

New Alert and Message System

Our new alert and message system is intended to help us improve our communications to parents and students. The new system also makes things easier for recipients by offering an app available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

When a parent or student signs up, the email used must match the email on file.

Click here for sign-up instructions, and here for text message opt-in instructions.